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By truebluetrees 15 Nov, 2017

The Initial phone call from this client in Buderim  on the Sunshine Coast  was to remove a tree entirely from there property.     Land Access to this site in Buderim  was difficult with steep terrain.   After consultation we climbed the tree and reduced the canopy of the tree instead which saved mulching and removing  the tree entirely for the homeowner.  Never underestimate the value tree services can have on  your property.   A $1300 tree reduction  job has created a view that you can’t put a value on for this home owner.   In some cases we can remove the tree and leave the log on site or mulch it for garden beds.   Prior consultation and understanding a clients needs is so important and we pride ourselves on understanding what you are trying to achieve and recommending the best outcome for your property.  View our tree removal page for detail. 

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